Japanese Iron and Mixed Metal Koro – Samurai Kabuto

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this most unusual Meiji Period 1868-1912, iron and mixed metal koro in the form of a Samurai helmet (Kabuto), the unknown artist has used his metalworking skills to create a perfectly functional silver lined incense burner (koro) in the form of what I interpret to be a 14th century Nara school style of helmet, the iron plates delicately beaten to form the helmet sections and neck guard, the silk stringing and stud work finely detailed in gilt, with silver banding between the plates and around the extremities, to the front of the helmet sits a mixed metal flaming dragon above a further dragon writhing across the peak, the interior is silver lined with a delightful pierced inner lid for the escape of incense.

Literature :

Although unsigned, to me this koro instantly represents transitional period , and is a perfect example of a former sword fitting maker now turning his incredible skills to the manufacture of goods aimed at the emerging export market. Sadly many of these artisans remained unrecorded, and simply worked for the larger well known schools or manufacturing studios of the late 19th century. A most unusual piece of Meiji restoration metalwork that perfectly demonstrates a synergy between the artists former and new found ways of life.

Provenance :

2020 Vision of an enlightened ruler Vol II – Plate 20

Condition report :

Lovely condition throughout

Approximate Sizes :

Height : 5 3/4″   14.5 cm

Width : 6 1/2″    16.5 cm

Depth : 6 1/4″    15.5 cm

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