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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this finely carved late 18th century Edo Period 1615-1868 ,  Ivory Netsuke , the carver has cleverly rendered a Japanese Sea Eagles head from the very tip of a tusk , the well carved Netsuke is a rare subject and carved in fine detail throughout, the Himotoshi is formed to the underside of the piece , a very tactile and great colour 18th century Netsuke that would enhance your Netsuke or Japanese works of art collection , or make an ideal gift for a loved one .

Provenance :

Private UK collection

Condition report :

Gorgeous original condition with great colour and patination .

Approximate sizes :

Depth  :   3/4″      2.0 cm

Length :   1.5″       4.0 cm

Width :   7/8″ ”    2.2 cm


Free worldwide delivery and a certificate of authenticity included in the price of this item , buyers from outside the Eu are responsible for the costs of any licences that may be required .

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