Japanese Satsuma Samurai Themed Tray by Fuzan

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this exceptionally fine Meiji Period 1868-1912, Satsuma earthenware tray artist signed by Fuzan, the tray is decorated within a central panel depicting a scene of three samurai warriors at rest beside pine trees, one warrior pointing out across the horizon towards mount Fuji, the central character sits astride his dapple grey horse with his companions standing either side, each warrior dressed in lavish armour and carrying katana and other weaponry. The outer shaped borders are extensively and painstakingly decorated with a plethora of samurai related weaponry and battle ephemera including swords, kabuto helmets, arrows , banners and drums to name but a few of the items, the wavy edge border finished in gilt detailing, the reverse signed by Fuzan within a red and gilt seal.

Provenance :

Private UK collection.

Condition report :

Lovely condition throughout with minimal age related wear to the gilt border.

Approximate Sizes : 

Length: 9 3/4″  24.5 cm

Width :  6 1/8″  15.5 cm

Height : 1 1/4″   3.0 cm

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