Japanese Shakudo & Mixed Metal Inlaid Koro By Nogawa

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this fine quality and most unusual shaped Meiji period 1868-1912 Koro, the main egg shaped body of the Koro is formed from solid shakudo, an alloy perfected by the Japanese swordsmiths in the 16th century by mixing gold with bronze to reach the blue black patination so highly coveted today, the three panels are inlaid in gold, silver and other mixed alloys and depict native flowers, bamboo and prunus blossom, separating these panels are stylized handles further inlaid with silver banding , the dome shaped lid is finely inlaid with mixed metal butterflies and is topped of with an exquisite quality imperial chrysanthemum finial, the Koro is artist signed and sealed by the Nogawa company , comes with its original pierced and shaped hardwood base, an absolute delight and one of three shakudo Koro we are listing from the same collection. circa 1900 .


Formerly part of a high quality UK private collection having previously been sold by ourselves.

Condition report :

The condition is superb .

Approximate Max sizes:

Height: 4″ 10 .2 cm

Width: 4″  10.2 cm

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