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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer fine quality shibuichi and mixed metal onlaid Saya or sheath inro , the single sheath (saya) outer case is made from Shibuichi and onlaid in shakudo , gold and silver amongst other alloys , it unusually depicts the boys day parade or procession and details a group of boys singing , dancing, playing instruments and holding banners aloft while one of the characters rides hobby horse, the outer sheath neatly houses a gilt brass three case inro whist the silk cord is held in place with a mixed metal ojime depicting Fukurokuju the god of wealth and happiness,the boys day parade is a very popular subject and commonly used on ceramics, particularly Satsuma , it is however very rare to find it on a mixed metal inro , a great addition to your collection !

The condition is used but lovely and original .

Approximate sizes

Height 2″ 5.1 cm

Width 1.75″ 4.5 cm

Weight 103 gms

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