Engraved by Kazuteru
Japanese Satsuma Vase by Kinkozan

Japanese Silver & Mixed Metal Carp Tray by Masayoshi, Engraved by Kazuteru

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this charming late Meiji period 1868-1912, circa 1910, solid silver and mixed metal decorated tray, the tray decorated in Katakiribori carved technique and simply representing a school of Carp swimming amidst reeds, one of the fish leaping from the water, the Carp decorated in shakudo, shibuichi and gold detail to contrast the  shimmering silver that represents the water, the solid silver curved feet of the tray are carved as stylized waves, the tray bears a signature and seal to the upper section relating to the artist Kazuteru who carved the decoration, as well as a carved signature to the underside by Masayoshi being the silversmith who made the panel, therefore a collaborative work by two skilled metalworkers of the late Meiji period. A delightful object that would certainly enhance any plain wooden surface .

Provenance :

Direct from a USA collection .

Condition report : 

Stunning condition throughout .

Approximate Sizes :

Diameter : 8 1/2″  21.5 cm

Height :    1 5/8″    3.5 cm

Weight : 494 gms 15.8 oz

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