Japanese Silver & Mixed Metal Kogo – Inoue Nagamitsu

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this charming Meiji Period 1868-1912, circular lidded box (Kogo) depicting the only female representation of the seven lucky gods, Benzaiten , also known as Benten, the artist has captured the Goddess in traditional dress and seated whilst playing her Biwa, the kogo is formed from silver, shakudo, copper and other mixed alloys, the sides carved as whisps of smoke rising from a dragon that is finely carved into the base of this charming little box, the interior finished in gilt and the underside artist signed in a tablet that translates to read Inoue Nagamitsu, a lovely quality mixed metal kogo for your Japanese works of art collection, or maybe to bring some joy to a loved one, as was the intention when it was made around 120 years ago.

Literature :

The only female of the seven Japanese lucky gods is Benzaiten, she was originally the Hindu goddess of water, however in Japanese representation she is the goddess of arts and knowledge, the virtue she represents is Joy.

A similar Kogo by this artist can be found in the Nagel auctions , Germany , lot 971 in June 2017, est; 5/8,000 euro , described as komai iron but signed by this artist, it also represented a lucky god, this time Ebisu .

Provenance :

UK based Japanese works of art collection .

Condition report :

Lovely age related condition .

Approximate Sizes :

Daimeter : 2.75″  7 cm

Height :    1.0″    2.5 cm

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