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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this wonderful quality large and rare mixed metal charger , the heavy bronze plaque is finely gilded to the border with a central decoration that depicts four multi metal patinated game birds hanging from a ribbon banner with further sprigs of Oak leaves and Acorns beneath, the subject is fascinating and was probably designed and or specially consigned for the French or English market, the quality of the onlaid birds is exquisite with particular detail paid to the feather work and gold claws of the top bird , a very unusual but equally high quality charger , the artist has taken the time and trouble to further decorate the rear of the plate with leaves and petals to hide the holes where the rivets would have been used to hold the substantial metal decoration , the slightly worn artist signature reads Tokosai Sei and the seal translates to Kazuaki, It would suggest the seal mark reads Kazuaki Ichimei whose studio or art name reads Tokosai, a very impressive piece of Meiji period metalwork .

The condition is waxed and ready for immediate use.

Approximate sizes

Diameter    18.5″  47 cm

Height         2.75″   4.5 cm

Weight is a hefty 6.5 kg

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