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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this large and highly decorative wall panel from the Meiji period 1868-1912 , and circa 1890 , the solid Iron sheet is housed inside its original and substantial Hardwood cushion frame ( probably Ironwood ) with later stained back boards, the Iron ground is decorated with a multitude of mixed metals and patinations to create a highly decorative scene , the central theme depicts a large Pheasant sat upon the branch of what appears to be a Magnolia tree , the Bird formed from mixed alloys including Bronze and Copper , and decorated with Shakudo , Shibuichi , Gold and Silver to outstanding effect , the tree itself gnarled and patinated in fine detail with opulent Gold and Silver Floral sprays amidst mixed metal foliage , the artist has captured a further humorous element to the panel which sees a smaller native Bird flying towards a large Silvered Cobweb, from the Cobweb hangs a huge Gold bodied multi coloured Spider , looks like a tasty lunch perhaps , the panel is signed and bears a seal for effect only, the signature is spurious as is often the case with these large decorative mixed metal panels, although the artist or artists involved were clearly skilled metalworkers of the mid to late Meiji period , once again demonstrating their redundant arms and armour making skills to produce goods aimed solely at the emerging export market , as is undoubtedly the case here , the end result being a hugely impressive Japanese work of art that would certainly be a great addition to your Japanese themed room or collection , ready for immediate hanging upon a strong fixing.

Condition report :

Lovely condition throughout .

Approximate sizes :

Height :  46″  117 cm

Width :    34″  86 cm

Depth :    3.0″ 7.5 cm

Weight :  20kg     20,000gms

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