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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this exceptional quality large Japanese Satsuma vase , manufactured by the highly regarded Kinkozan Factory during the Meiji period circa 1890 ,  the vase has been heavily decorated predominately in Gilt and Enamel work, the body’s ornately framed panels depict two traditional Samurai warriors in battle, painted upon a creamy white and very unusual ground with densely clustered spider chrysanthemums moulded in low relief, the detail of the panels is incredible for this size of vase, the shoulders of the vase have a wide gilt band of elaborately moulded jewel shaped lappets, beneath diaper border including narrow bands of brocade, geometric and foliate motifs, this is a very large decorative vase to have retained this high quality, and would be a great addition to your Japanese collection.

Notes : We have had this vase firmly attributed by the leading authority on Satsuma, and author of many reference books on Japanese ceramics : Louis Lawrence , see his actual appraisal below.

I can confidently attribute this to the Kinkozan factory, the type of gilding is very distinctive and can be seen on a large vase in my first book (page 160/161). There are similarities in the diaper borders too. I am 99% sure this is by Kinkozan. The relief design in the panels is achieved by the application of white slip glaze and is not carved. Usually, on these large vases the quality diminishes but, like the vase in the book, it is not the case here.  

The condition is lovely throughout with  minor age related wear to the gilding .

Approximate sizes:

Height:     21.4″   54 cm

Diameter :  9″      23 cm

Free worldwide delivery and a certificate of authenticity are included within the price of this item.


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