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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this large and fine quality Meiji period 1868-1912, circa 1890 Satsuma vase artist signed by the highly regarded Kinkozan , this most unusual Grecian urn shaped vase is predominantly decorated with three main panels , the first two panels depict Samurai Warriors in various stages of battle or preparations for battle , the third panel depicting a more tranquil subject of Bijins and children in a garden setting , seated amongst pavilions and buildings , the three main panels are bordered with exceptional quality honeycombed diaper decoration upon a cobalt blue ground,  interspersed with Ho – Ho Birds , Floral and Tokugawa Mons, the most unusual almost Grecian influenced handles are finely gilded and chiselled to an exacting standard , for a vase of this magnitude to be decorated in this cabinet quality is far from common , so often as ceramics increase in size the quality of the decoration diminishes , well certainly not in this example , a fantastic quality and condition piece of Satsuma ware , clearly signed by one of the leading artists of the Meiji period , a fantastic addition to your Japanese ceramics or works of art collection .

Provenance :

Formerly in an Australian collection and subsequently sold by ourselves .

Condition report :

Remarkable condition for a non cabinet protected vase with minimal wear to the gilding.

Approximate sizes :

Height :   18″    46 cm

Depth :   9.75″  25 cm

Free worldwide delivery and a certificate of authenticity are included in the sale of this item.

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