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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this large and fine quality bronze okimono of a young fisher boy , the boy stand upon a rocky outcrop looking down to fully concentrate on landing his latest catch a Japanese puffer fish, known as a Fugu this fish is a delicacy in Japanese restaurants , a prized catch mirrored in the expression on the boys face , this leading Meiji period artist has captured the scene in amazing lifelike detail , the pictures only represent a fraction of the high quality craftsmanship demonstrated in this bronze, the bronze is signed “made by Kaniya Kuniharu” in Haranga script and is also numbered 5 indicating part of a limited edition .

The condition is superb !

”Kaniya Kuniharu (1852-1934) was one of the foremost craftsmen in cast bronze of the Meiji Period. He had been taught by two particularly eminent artists, Takamura Koun (1852-1934) and Otake Norikuni (b.1852). Koun, a master of wood sculpture, had been appointed Professor of sculpture a the founding of the Tokyo Art School in 1889. “

Kuniharu won several awards at the expositions of the Meiji period including a first prize in 1894, he is featured in the Khalili collection metalwork II page 99 as well as Splendors of Imperial Japan, Arts of the Meiji Period from the Khalili Collection, pp.370 and 372, nos.263 and 264.

Kuniharu himself was one of the founding members of the Tokyo Chukin Kai (Tokyo Cast Metal Association) in 1907 together with Oshima Joun (1858-1940). He exhibited at both National and International exhibitions, including the Paris Exposition of 1900; the high quality of this bronze together with the limited edition number suggests that it could very well have been conceived for exhibition in the West.

Other recent sold examples ; £33,600 GBP 5250 GBP

Approximate sizes

Height 45.5″ 116 cm inc rod

Height 33.5″ 85 cm

Width 12″ 30.5 cm

Depth 11″ 28 cm

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