Japanese Gold Lacquer & Shibayama Table Screen by Masaaki


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As part of our oriental collection we are delighted to offer , the vase is cast in high relief and then multi patinated in gold , silver and other alloys to give the dramatic decorative finish that has been achieved, it has been decorated with numerous bands of formal and floral decoration including a central geometric band of lappets depicting gilded opposing Phoenix (Ho-Ho Birds) , understandably the stand out feature of this vase is the multi patinated three clawed Dragon coiled around the vase in high relief on a backdrop of finely chiselled silver waves, the shoulders are further decorated with a band of mythical gold eyed creatures amidst swirling smoke and beneath a more traditional gilded Greek key rim, this vase carries a very unusual Chinese pseudo Ming signature seal,  this leads us to suspect that it may have been made in Taiwan under Japanese occupation after 1895 , and influenced by the Chinese market tastes.

The condition is waxed and ready for immediate use.

Approximate sizes:

Height:        14.5″   37 cm

Diameter:   10″      25.5 cm


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