Large Japanese Bronze Zoomorphic Jardiniere by Seiya

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this large scale Meiji Period 1868-1912, bronze jardiniere from the foundry of the highly regarded and well recorded artist Genryusai Seiya. On this occasion Seiya has manufactured a large and impressive plant holder in the form of a circle of various wild animals, each rendered and finely chiseled in high relief, the animals legs formed as the feet of the jardiniere, these vessels come in various sizes and qualities and with differing themes, on this particular high quality model we see an elephant, stag, snarling tiger, wild boar, bison, ape, bear and a lion cast and chiseled in very fine detail throughout, the underside signed Dai Nihon Genryûsai Seiya sei within a seal , a fascinating and highly useful addition to your Japanese bronze collection.

Literature :  

Genryusai Seiya was a highly respected artist producing all manner of bronze okimono and objects towards the late 19th century, his specialist subject was without doubt animal subject bronzes and he is likely to have been heavily influenced by the opening of the Tokyo Zoo in 1882, as in the design of this particular item, his foundry was responsible for a large and varied output and seemingly employed many skilled metalworkers, occasionally we see pieces that are multi signed, usually large and important sculptures likely destined for overseas exhibition, as in the example of our monumental Elephant group by Morimitsu that featured in our first exhibition catalogue, although the majority of wares destined for export carried just the Seiya foundry seal or carved signature .

Condition report : 

Good condition throughout

Approximate Sizes : 

Diameter : 18 1/4″  46.5 cm

Opening : 11 3/4″    30 cm

Height :   9 3/4″       25 cm

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