Large Japanese Ceramic Vase by Makuzu Kozan

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this large Meiji period 1868-1912 ceramic baluster shaped vase by the highly regarded Imperial artist Miyagawa (Makuzu)  Kozan, in this particular instance the vase would most likely have been manufactured under the guidance of Miyagawa’s adopted son Hanzan (Makuzu Kozan II ) during the circa 1910 period, the base color of the vase fades from vibrant to light green, the main body has been decorated throughout with sprigs of beautiful lilac and pink colored roses, a combination that would certainly brighten up any room setting, the delightful vase has been signed in a six character signature within a double box and translates to read Makuzu Kozan Sei, the seal was most commonly used around the 1910 period, a fabulous and scarce addition to your Japanese themed space or ceramics collection.

Literature :

Miyagawa (Makuzu) Kozan  (1842–1916) was a Japanese ceramist and was one of the major potters of the Meiji Period, his kilns were based in Yokohama and he went on to win many prizes and gold medals at the various expositions , eventually receiving the recognition his works deserved in 1896 by becoming one of only a handful of Imperial artists (Teishitsu gigeiin), many of his works can be found in the worlds leading collections and museums.

Condition report :

Lovely condition throughout.

Approximate Sizes :

Height : 16″    41 cm

Diameter : 9″  23 cm

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