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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this large scale Meiji period 1868-1912, circa 1890, mixed metal Kogo ( circular lidded box ) the bronze trinket box is finely carved to the lid and depicts a mythical Japanese scene of Fudo Myo-o rescuing Mongaku Shonin from a waterfall , Seitaka Sonja looking on whilst holding a Lotus flower , the carved lid exquisitely detailed in mixed metals including Gold, Silver and Shakudo ,the details of the characters in particular are about as good as you could imagine on this type of object , the Silver figure of Mongaku has highlighted veins in his forehead and arms , quite extreme and painstaking detail only carried out by top metalworkers , this oversized Kogo appears to be a collaboration of two artists work , the lid inscribed Saikyo no Kuni Takayama Yoshihiro ( Carved by Takayama Yoshihiro of Kyoto ) clearly he was the carver of the mythical scene , the large circular base stands upon three bracket feet and is inscribed to the underside Kyoto Inoue Sei ( made by Inoue of Kyoto ) a well recorded and highly prized metalworker of the late Meiji period , it also bears a Gold artist seal of Fusahiro , a fascinating high quality and very useful addition to your Japanese works of art collection .

Condition report :

In fine condition throughout .

Approximate sizes :

Diameter : 8″ 20 cm

Height : 3.5″   9 cm

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