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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this finely carved Edo period (1615-1868) circa: 1770  Japanese Ivory Netsuke of Seiobo, she is modelled holding the branch of a peach tree in her right hand whilst holding her robes in her left hand, her hair immaculately tied, a natural Himotoshi has been formed between her robes and left hand, a great addition to your Netsuke or Japanese works of art collection, lovely old tactile Netsuke with great colour .


“Sei-o-bo” (Si Wang Mu in Chinese, Queen of the West), the Taoist deity who lives in Konron (Kuen Lun) mountains, she cares for the mythical Peach tree which bears fruits every thousand years, eating this Peach bestows immortality, according to the legend Tobosaku stole and ate the peach and made himself “sennin”, one of these peaches eaten gives eternal life.

Condition report:

Lovely original used condition.

Approximate size:

Height: 3.8″  9.7 cm

Width:  1.2″      3 cm

Depth: 0.7″   1.8 cm

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