Large Japanese Iron Komai Style panel – Akimitsu

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this rare and impressive late Edo/early Meiji period 1868-1912 , circa 1860’s damascened iron charger, the artist has captured a scene of a huge Japanese sea Eagle opposing a three clawed Dragon, the beast rising from swirling clouds, the subject painstakingly carved in a silver damascened work upon a solid iron panel, the sea eagle and dragon further highlighted in gold , the outer lobed rim of the panel also decorated in silver, remarkably to the reverse the artist has further decorated the charger , predominately with three large Tokugawa Clan mons between bands of native leaves and flora, the decoration repeated in painstaking detail to form a consistent diaper pattern, the artist seal signature is finely set within a silver square and reads Kaga koku ju, Akemitsu , this loosely translates to an artist known as Akemitsu who resided in the Kaga province , the artist is likely the one that is listed on page 569, Kinko Toso Jiten (Japanese language edition), by Wakayama Takeshi: “Akimitsu, the late Edo period” , the Kaga Province was a hot bed of metalworkers in the Edo and Meiji period with many recorded artists and schools formed , this a rare and unusual find that would fit well into any serious Japanese works of art collection .

Provenance :

USA Collection

Condition report :

Lovely original condition with minimal age related silver wear/losses.

Approximate Sizes :

Diameter : 17 7/8″  45.5 cm

Height :     1 5/8″      4.0 cm

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