Large Japanese Mixed Metal Vase Attr – Jomi Eisuke

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this fascinating Meiji period 1868-1912 bronze and mixed metal vase, this large vase is of a complex curved form rising from a rectangular base to a a circular neck band, thus giving the overall perception of a sewn and tied treasure sack, the front elevation depicts the most unusual subject of hunters on horseback chasing Tigers in a mountainous backdrop, another group can be seen at rest playing musical instruments and feasting, whilst others carry their quarry in the distance across from a meandering river, the reverse of the vase depicts a simply breathtaking quality silver bird plucking what appears to be a praying mantis from a lake set amidst native flora, each of the curved sides are adorned with Phoenix within a ring of stylized flora above a flight of Bats and a group of interesting scholars implements, the four sides rising up to a geometric gilt banded neck, each pseudo stitched corner applied with a stylized flower in the form of a Moth, a simply fascinating and high quality vase which rather frustratingly has not been signed , we do however feel that similar style and types of metalwork seen before lend themselves to pieces by the highly regarded Meiji period artist Jomi Eisuke, we can confidently attribute this piece to his studio .

Provenance :

Formerly part of a UK based Japanese collection supplied by ourselves and subsequently purchased from the executors to that estate .

2020 Vision of an enlightened ruler – Vol II

Condition report :

Excellent condition throughout .

Approximate sizes :

Height : 15 3/8″ 39 cm

Width :  8.5″      22 cm

Depth :  5 1/4″   13 cm

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