Large Japanese Shibayama Gold Lacquer Panel

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As part of Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this large and high quality Japanese silver panel from the opulent Meiji period 1868-1912, the intricate silver lobed dish rests upon three pierced silver feet, the twelve silver lobes are formed from incredibly fine detailed silver wire, six of which are further enameled, the six larger panels each house a gold lacquer and shibayama detailed tablet, each individually decorated with exotic birds, butterflies and fauna carved from a variety of semi precious shells and stones, the stand out feature has to be the large central gold lacquer panel depicting an Ikebana basket upon a stand containing a floral display of the most exquisite quality, to the side of this display stands a water pot below birds in flight, a truly breath taking panel, the reverse of the lacquer panels are also decorated in a gold lacquer ground and the panel has been signed in a mother of pearl tablet by the highly regarded shibayama artist Masaaki , clearly this intricate piece would have been a collaboration between a silversmith , lacquerer and the dominant shibayama artist , hence his signature.

Condition report:

The condition of such a large mixed media panel is exceptional , there is a tiny loss to the bird at 10 o’clock and two or three tiny marks to the edge of the central lacquer panel, the worst a 1cm line at 7 o’clock , overall a simply stunning example , suitable for your cabinet or wall hung .

Approximate sizes:

Diameter :  14 3/4″   37 cm

Height:        1 3/4″         4.5 cm

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