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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this large and imposing Japanese Shibayama Elephant Okimono, the majestic beast is smothered in the finest quality Shibayama imaginable on an item of this scale , including strings of onlaid Gold bells, upon the back of the Elephant sits a boys band playing various musical instruments, each figure inlaid in fine Abalone shell , the central feature is a large Howdah carrying a further musician , Hotei and the Goddess Kwannon , the exquisite carving and multiple applied Chrysanthemum Mons really do reinforce the importance of this group.

Provenance: The Elephant group has been in a French family for the past 94 years until we were fortunate enough to be offered it by a member of the family , it was presented to the Grandfather (a wealthy industrialist) in 1922 by his fellow directors to celebrate his marriage, we have no knowledge where it spent the first 25 or so years of its life, it is clearly evident that the Gentlemen in question was highly regarded as this would have been a very expensive gift at that time !

A magnificent piece of Meiji period art with a couple of minor age related age cracks and remarkably no losses !!


Approximate sizes:

Height  17.25″   44 cm

Width   11.5″     29 cm

Depth   6″          15 cm

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