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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this magnificent and large fully articulated ivory Lobster Okimono, the Crustacean complete in his original double Tomobako for safe keeping, the artist Nankai has rendered this carving in such high detail and has signed it beneath the tail, the eyes are stained in a gold lacquer for effect, the moving components are incredibly complex and too numerous to fully count, the Lobster lays safely in his original Tomobako which in turn is protected by an outer Tomobako, the inner box nicely signed and transcribes to read Zoge Sei, Oebi Ikko, (one ivory Lobster), Sakurai Sosai Saku, with two red seals , I have seen numerous articulated crustaceans over the years and as you might imagine a lot of them have suffered significant damages from mishandling ,due in part due to the obvious fragility , this Lobster is even accompanied by an original stamped certificate from the commissioning dealer, I would suggest that it has spent most of its life in the protective boxes, and therefore has survived in virtually brand new condition, probably the best example available on the market today !!

Note: Sakurai Sosai was a commissioning dealer from Tokyo who regularly exhibited fine ivory pieces at the national and international exhibitions during the Meiji and Taisho eras, for an almost identical example see Shoto Museum of art, Tokyo, Nihon no Zoge Bijutsu- History of Japanese Ivory carving, 1996, p 119.

Provenance: direct from a Japanese collection .

Condition is simply stunning !!!!

Please note that the manufacture of the multiple moving joints involved the use of tiny carved ivory locating pegs , certain temperature changes may result in the occasional loosening of these pins, if one were to pop out they are simple to relocate and should never be glued back in.

Approximate sizes

Length fully open : 23.75″  60.5 cm

Length antenna folded : 12.25″  31 cm

Free worldwide delivery included in the price of this item, buyers outside the EU are fully responsible for the costs of any export licences that may be required .

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