Outstanding Japanese Iron and Mixed Metal Vase – Kajima Ikkoku II

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this most outstanding quality Meiji Period 1868-1912, iron and mixed metal vase by the highly regarded Kajima Ikkoku II (1846-1925) , his art name Mitsutaka. This jewel of a vase stands upon a lappet footed base and features two main panels decorated in onlaid mixed alloys including gold, silver, shakudo and shibuichi, the first panel depicts a bird at rest upon the branch of a maple tree, the reverse captures a pair of Manchurian cranes stood amidst flora with a butterfly above. These panels are framed by lavish gold and silver damascened decoration in a manner commonly referred to as Nunomezogan, here Ikkoku has created a delightful lappet footed base decorated with a continuous band of gold and silver chrysanthemum and peonies, the base gives rise to the main body of the vase decorated in a geometric diaper pattern interspersed with roundels of flora, mythical beasts and insects, the neck decorated with opposing lappets of Ho Ho ( phoenix)  and stylised flora beneath a formal Greek key border, the inside of the vase houses a hand beaten silver liner, just another subtle but obvious sign of the painstaking work involved in the manufacture of this gem, the underside of the base bears a gilt signature seal that reads Mitsutaka, the “go” or art name for Kajima Ikkoku II . An increasingly scarce work of art that would sit well in any serious Japanese metalwork collection.

Literature : 

Kajima Ikkoku II was a highly skilled nunomezogan artist who exhibited both domestically and nationally at the various worldwide expositions throughout the Meiji Period, his works are also recorded in various high profile collections.

He is known to have collaborated with other major artists including ishi Masao and Motonobu as well as organisations like the Tekkodo company, who themselves had commissioned workers equally skilled at other metalworking techniques, but heavily relied upon Ikkoku for his masterful expertise in these nunomezogan techniques, techniques that are quite simply unsurpassed to this day.

Condition report : 

Fine condition throughout.

Approximate Sizes : 

Height : 8″ 20.3 cm

Diameter : 3 1/2″ 9 cm

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