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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this fantastic quality mixed metal plate in its original Tomobako by a recorded Meiji period artist Isshunken Seiju , the double skinned plate is patinated in a deep black Shakudo ground superbly onlaid with solid Gold, Silver and Shibuichi amongst other alloys, the delightful subject matter depicts an adult Monkey clutching a Gold Persimmon fruit , its youngster reaching out to grasp the fruit, the detail is so finely carved it defies belief, aside the Primates sits a superbly decorated vase on stand housing a display of solid Gold & Silver Peonies, the outer rim of the plate is circled with a mixture of mixed metal Maple leaves , to the rear is a solid Silver finely cast signature seal , a work of art in itself ! the seal translates to read :ISSHUNKEN SEIJU with Kao ,Seiju is listed on page 404, in the book Toso Kinko Jiten (Wakayama Takeshi); Late Edo period , he was a prominent maker of  fuchi kashira (sword fittings) this would undoubtedly be where he learnt his remarkable metalwork skills, and possibly goes some way to explain the deep black Shakudo type alloys he would have been used to working with .

An outstanding quality plate in wonderful clean condition .

Approximate sizes:

Diameter: 9 5/8″  14.5 cm

Height:     1″          2.5 cm


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