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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this fine quality and super condition pair of Satsuma vases from the late 19th century Meiji period, artist signed by Meizan, the style is quite unique in that they are heavily and vibrantly enamelled , similar to other artists such as Seikozan and Hankinsan working in the earlier production period of Satsuma export wares around 1880-1890 , the vases are decorated to one side with a panel of elders within an elaborate border, the opposing sides have scenes of women and children in various pursuits around what appear to be large painted screens , beneath one screen appears a highly visual bright red Dragon dance costume, the remainder of the bodies are decorated in vibrant multi coloured almost jewel like enamels, and are decorated in various shaped geometric cartouches with much gilding work , interestingly the top rim is decorated in black and gilt enamel , a trait of the highly coveted artist Yabu Meizan during the early 20th century , there is still a school of thought that attributes these type of vases and this signature to first period works of Yabu Meizan ? , whatever the case these are a cracking pair of high quality well painted vases from the late 19th century, signed Meizan  in a gilt signature to the underside.

The condition is lovely throughout .

Approximate sizes:

Height:     5 7/8″  15 cm

Diameter: 3.25″    8.5 cm

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