Powerful Japanese Bronze Hawk Okimono by Sano Takachika

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this majestic Meiji Period (1868-1912) bronze hawk artist signed by the highly regarded metalworker Sano Takachika, this magical bird of prey has been captured in a most powerful pose perched upon a craggy cliff edge carved from a rustic hardwood, his menacing eyes seem captivated by the quarry below, the artist has picked out the birds eyes in gilt and shakudo, with the razor sharp beak and talons contrasting the exceptionally fine bronze feather details. This large scale hawk is artist signed within a silver seal to the underside. A very high quality example on this occasion manufactured by one of the luminary metalworkers of the period, Sano Takachika.

Literature : 

A few major examples of work by this artist are recorded in well known worldwide collections, two examples can be found in the Khalili collection, Meiji No Takara Treasures of Imperial Japan.  Metalwork volume II, plate 120 displays a hawk Koro on perch, plate 121 shows a very similar decorated pigeon Koro on stand, the volume also suggests a snake and eagle Koro on a tree trunk is recorded in the well known collection of Michael Tomkinson at plate 72 .

The artist Sano Takachika was a master of hammering, metal carving and chiseling and a recorded member of the Tokyo Chokokai ( Tokyo association of carvers and sculptors ) he is known to have exhibited at many of the expositions of the period  including the Japan art society spring exhibition of 1894 where he exhibited gold and silver figures of a heron and a crow .

Condition report : 

Fine condition throughout .

Approximate Sizes : 

Overall Height : 31″ 79 cm

Overall Depth : 9″    23 cm

Overall Width: 16″   41 cm

The Hawk        15″ 38 cm in length beak to tail.

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