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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this most unusual Meiji period 1868-1912 , circa 1880, mixed metal Toggle ( Netsuke) formed in the shape of a lidded box , the Shibuichi lid is finely decorated with Onlaid Gold and Silver Floral Mons and fits snugly onto its toggle base ,(we suspect a tiny locating lug to be missing from the inner lid, although this does not prevent the lid from holding secure ) , removing the lid reveals the most delightful miniature Scholars writing box , the receptacle’s would have been for Ink and Water , with a Brush wash bar across the Water container , the end of the base houses a further hole that would have likely held a tiny retractable or fold up brush , and the Ink could have been mixed in the lid , a very rare and unusual item that should appeal to both Netsuke , Japanese Metalwork collectors , and collectors of Scholars items,  a great addition to your Japanese Works of art collection .

Condition report :

In fine honest and original condition .

Approximate Sizes : 

Length :  1 3/8″  3.5 cm

Depth :    5/8″     1.5 cm

Width :    7/8″     2.2 cm

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