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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this most remarkable example of Meiji period Metalwork , this striking mixed metal tray depicts a powerful Prince drawing his Katana directly across its surface , apparently turning Shoki the Demon queller into a swirling cloud, the Prince resplendent in deeply chiselled mixed metal robes, the figures fierce face and other body parts are patinated in deep copper and highlighted with Gold, Silver and Shakudo , a strikingly powerful object bearing the signature seal of the renowned Tanaka school sword-fitting artist Murasakibara Toshiyoshi on the lower right , a rare Meiji period masterpiece .
Notes; Tray Sketches are from the museum volume, “KIRITSU KOSHO KAISHA”, The First Japanese Manufacturing and Trading Company. Edited by Prof.Toyojiro Kida. Published by Kyoto Shoin Inc. 1987.
The condition is exceptional !
Approximate sizes :
Length: 10.25″   26 cm
Height:  8″          20.3 cm
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