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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this magnificent ivory okimono of a Bijin by the highly regarded Tokyo school artist Yoshida Doraku ,this beauty is the last and in my opinion the very best of the superb private collection that we were fortunate enough to acquire a Cheshire estate , the okimono is incredibly well drawn with so much movement, it cleverly captures a beautiful girl carrying a basket of sea shells under her arm whilst holding a scarf above her head , the scarf gently blowing in the breeze and ultimately protecting her from the intense sunlight , her hair is tied in immaculate fashion , her Kimono is tied by her Obi (silk waistband) which is decorated in high relief depicting a bird flying above stylised waves, she has been captured in a walking pose with her heel raised from her woven sandal and a further group of shells to her feet , nicely signed and sealed to the underside by this highly regarded artist and carrying the distinctive yellow collectors label, an absolute top quality large one piece Japanese ivory Okimono that would enhance any serious collection.

The artist is recorded in the Shoto Museum of Art, Exhibition Catalogue, The History of Ivory Carvings, Tokyo, 1996, as being an ivory carver of merit. Another model of a bijin by the artist, of comparable high quality and with similar finely-executed detail is illustrated, ibid., p.125.

The condition is simply stunning !!!

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Approximate Sizes

Height :  12.5″  31.5 cm

Width :   4″       10 cm

Depth :   3.5″     9 cm

Free worldwide delivery included in the price of this okimono , buyers outside the EU are fully responsible for the costs of any licences that may be required , see our other services.

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