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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to bring to the market this super quality small collection of bronze and mixed metal Tsuba (sword hand guards) from the Edo and Meiji periods , the previous European collector obviously had a great eye judging by the unusual subject matter of one or two, combined with the quality of the entire group !!

I have taken the decision to keep this group together, and therefore will not sell individually , i have listed below the information relating to each piece that I have managed to gather as a non sword fitting specialist .

No 1: A most unusual gilt splashed bronze Tsuba in the form of an Octopus , signed by Egawa Toshimasa 1774-1860 .

No 2: A rare iron and mixed metal Tsuba in the form of a skull , the artist Mori Toshitune has signed the Tsuba and very helpfully dated it as Meiji 1 , the year of the Dragon 1868

No 3: A superb iron and mixed metal Tsuba depicting Cranes in flight and signed by the world famous metal master Unno Shomin 1844-1915

No 4: A high quality solid gold on Shakudo Tsuba depicting Shi Shi upon a stippled nanako (stippled) ground, signed Yanagawa Naomasa 1692-1757

No 5: Another high quality mixed metal upon Shakudo Tsuba depicting a group of Horses , signed Omori Mitsutoki , dates unknown , circa 1800-1830

The group of Tsuba are in lovely original condition and fresh to the market after many years .

Sizes vary and are available upon request .


Free worldwide delivery and a certificate of authenticity are included within the price of this item.

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