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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this superbly mounted large Tanto or small Wakisashi , the blade is from the Koto period (pre 1600) and is signed on the Tang in a two character signature that reads Kanefusa, this is almost certainly the smith active in the Mino Provence around 1502-1532 , the blade is 35 cm long to the habaki notch and in 90% lovely original Japanese polish condition, the blade has been mounted in what in our opinion can only be described as the finest quality fittings , obviously for an important or wealthy individual or imperial presentation.

 The mounts are as follows. Fuchi Kashira are the very finest (almost microscopic) shakudo nanako (ie fish roe stipple) with superb mixed metal onlay depicting chrysanthemums. The menuki are shakudo and gilt depicting tied bunches of flowers with cherry blossom prominent, the same (ray skin) wrap is of the best quality and pure white, the binding is tied in pale gold jabara silk multi thread cord with fancy cross overs and braiding. The habaki is heavily wrapped in thick gold foil with a teeming rain design and the seppa are also gold foil wrapped. The tsuba is heavy solid shakudo of mokko shape with large shakudo and shibuichi dai seppa. The saya (scabbard) is a work of art in its own right. It is of the finest lacquer with heavy shibuichi reinforcing mounts at the throat, the base and around the kozuka/kogai.kurigata mountings. The top fifth of the saya at the throat end is of crushed abalone lacquer (aogai) with gold lacquered chrystanthemum non, the remainder of the scabbard is of maroon lacquer with a variety of darker maroon scrolling chrysanthemum mon. The reverse of the scabbard also has a sunken lacquer panel containing black scrolling formal foliage. The kurigata (tying cord fitting) is of very heavy shakudo again with mixed metal floral onlay, the original shibuichi liners are present and it is set into the strengthening shibuichi mounts by a shakudo collar. The saya also has two applied soft metal mounts depicting confronting shishi in gilded shakudo  The kozuka and kogai are a unique set, the kozuka with a shakudo handle and very large onlaid 16 petal chrysanthemum mon in shibuichi and gold. The matching split shibuichi wara kogai is further contained in a shakudo sheath that has the same high relief shibuichi chrysanthemum mon. None of the superb mounts are signed – possibly suggesting an imperial commission”

We were fortunate enough to buy this Tanto from a retired collector , and are led to believe that it is the first time it has seen the light of day for many decades .

The condition is exceptional with only minor age related signs of wear !!

Approximate sizes:

Overall length:  22.75″  58 cm

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