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  • As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this magical quality large wooden carving of a warrior riding the back of a wild boar , the artist has captured a very famous 12th century story of a warrior called Nitta No Shiro attempting to kill the wild Boar that has apparently leapt from a cave and was about to attack the ruler of Japan Minamao No Yoritomo , as you might imagine the Warrior became very famous after his heroic exploits and has gone down in Japanese folklore as a cult hero, the carving of this large okimono is exquisite , the rearing Boar is pegged into its original wooden base which has been nicely signed to the underside, Onito saku , the chunky beast is incredibly well detailed with a gorgeous patination in particular to its snout and hoofs , the eyes are lacquered to give a menacing look , the warrior sits astride grabbing the Boars tail in one hand and his Tanto in the other , he carries his full length Katana and a sheath across his back , his eyes are nicely inlaid and his facial expression show him to be a determined true warrior , though understandably apprehensive at the same time .

This is a top drawer wooden okimono that would seriously enhance any  Japanese or carved wood collection.

The condition is superb with a nice even texture and colour throughout !!

Approximate maximum sizes

Height       11.5″  29 cm

Length      11″     28 cm

Depth        7″       18 cm

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