December Newsletter

Dear Friends

Welcome to December and our final newsletter of 2021.

December 2021 proves a pivotal milestone in the life of, for it was exactly 10 years ago in December 2011 that Stagshead antiques ltd (my registered company name) was incorporated, and what an amazing personal journey those 10 years have been.

December Newsletter Steve Sly Japanese Art Store
What started as a lunch in the forest with our dear friends Mike & Michelle, coupled with the obligatory look around the antique shops to see who was paying for said lunch, ended up with the shared purchase of a Georgian chest of drawers that sat lonely in an empty shop window, oh and while we were at it I may as well just go ahead and negotiate a deal to acquire the shop, as you do!!!

During these last 10 years my journey has taken me from that bricks and mortar premises in the New Forest, Stagshead antiques Ltd, to my online gallery

In between I became a regular exhibitor at the NEC and Olympia fairs naturally developing my eye whilst fast gaining a reputation as a specialist dealer in Japanese works of art from the Meiji period, an artform that I had always enjoyed collecting and trading in, although only part time. This rapid and successful growth inspired the launch of to coincide with the Summer Olympia event of 2016, a rebranding that better reflected exactly where my business was now fully focussed, and a platform that allowed me the opportunity to develop my passion of 40 years.

This rebranding exercise instantly opened a new window of opportunity that has subsequently led me to meet many of the world’s leading collectors and allowed me to handle some of the finest Meiji period works of art ever produced. Europe and the USA were now familiar destinations that have become important places to visit in the course of my work.

I am privileged to continue to be a regular supplier to world famous collections as well as assisting in the curation of private collections, with some of my finest pieces having been displayed in museums around the globe for all to enjoy.

It is my contention that this remarkable journey would not have been possible without a tremendous work ethic coupled with an absolute passion for Japanese works of art from the Meiji period.

Of course without the Japanese art collectors around the globe buying into and sharing my passion, the journey may have ended a long time ago as a mere pipe dream.

I look forward to sharing the next chapter of my story as it unfolds, and who knows maybe the 20th anniversary newsletter in 2031.

December Newsletter stock
You will recall in last month’s newsletter I featured this sensational quality bronze Dragon Okimono artist signed by Kazumi, I am delighted to say that it did not last 24 hours and now joins a USA collection of similar quality items.
December Newsletter stock
Another bronze Okimono now heading across the water is the high quality Elephant and Tiger group artist signed by Atsuyoshi a prolific artist at the highly regarded Maruki company, this particular group have a slightly shorter journey to reside with a UK collector based on an island just off of our coastline.
December Newsletter stock

As a an animal lover and dog owner I am now seeking a new home for this delightful bronze Chin Dog okimono playfully resting upon a mixed metal ball, as subscribers to our newsletter you have the first opportunity to permanently adopt him before he goes live to the world.

In celebration of our 10th anniversary and as reward for your loyalty, the first e-mail enquiry I receive this morning will be receive a £1,000 discount on this very special piece of Japanese metalware.

With inflation apparently running at over 5% next year, stock markets and currency exchanges all over the place, and interest rate rises looming, I am absolutely convinced that many smart people will continue to place their hard earned savings into tangible investments such as this special item, I for one most certainly will be.

Have a lovely peaceful Christmas.

Sincere best wishes


December Newsletter Steve Sly Japanese Art Christmas