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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this fascinating Meiji period 1868-1912 / Taisho 1912-1926 , circa 1915 , life-size carved Hardwood Okimono depicting a pair of Rodents crawling upon and within a huge Pumpkin , the unknown but extremely competent artist has carved a unique study from a heavy and dense wood that we believe to be Zelcova , a native wood used in the building of many Japanese Temples during the Edo period  , he has captured in stunning detail the rather humorous moment that one Rodent has emerged from the inside of the Fruit , while his or her accomplice keeps guard from above , the various carving techniques are simply breath-taking when you consider it is carved from one piece of wood , from the thickly chiselled shape of the Pumpkin to the incredibly fine hair and facial details of the Rodents, down to the highly polished patination on the Rodents tails , an incredible work of art , the piece appears unsigned although there is a vacant cartouche to the underside, probably in preparation for a seal or signature , we will never know , what I can say with confidence is that this unique and charming Okimono would be a great focal point in any household , and a fine addition to your Japanese Works of art collection.

Provenance :

Direct from Japanese collection.

Condition :

Fabulous original perfect condition .

Approximate sizes :

Width :  20″ 51 cm

Depth :  16″ 41 cm

Height :  13″ 33 cm

Weight : 20kg 20,000 gms

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